Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Limited Event

A few additional players arrived and we played in another limited event using the new Lords of the Night cards. We booster drafter an equal number of Third Edition and Lords of the Night packs and did our best to build some good decks.

Two rounds without a final were played. Jeff "The Lasombra" Thompson gave each player that grabbed a game win, the opportunity to purchase Lords of the Night product from him at the event.

The treatment from the hotel continues to be fantastic. The adjoining meeting room was not due to be ours until tomorrow but since it is empty I asked one of the Sales Managers if they wouldn't mind opening it up a little early for us. Without another word spoken, the hotel staff began clearing the room from the previous night's event and then ushered in another 6 round tables.

Players finally get to see the full room and the amount of space we'll be taking for the rest of the week.


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