Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday PM - Mini Qualifier [Updated 9/19]

Sixteen players played in the Tuesday night mini-qualifier. Straight from the bar, these tipsy Methuselah fought for their life in the second constructed tournament of the week.

At one first round table, Darby Keeney's Imbued deck leads to lengthy discussions about how on earth these things can be stopped. With a lot of help from Matt Morgan, Fred Scott and another player, Darby was able to build up but never gained a VP. The table timed-out.
At another table, Los Angeles player Gene Martin obtained a table sweep using a Black Hand deck that made good use of Reunion Kamut and a lot of Auspex intercept.
In the 2nd round, Oscar Garza made a quick impact by sending Matt Wedge's Cock Robin to torpor with some unexpected agg damage. Oscar followed with a Graverobbing and got himself noticed by the table. Paul Johnson, playing a Ventrue voter deck (with some Dawn Op fighty-ness of his own) essentially ousted Oscar cross table. Matt Morgan picked-up the pieces and obtained a table sweep.
Brian Mortiz' Salubri Anti's eeked out a win against Gene Martin's Auspex Black Hand deck. Brian grabbed a game win and at least temporarily set himself as the fifth seeded finalist. Gene's extra VP in this game set him as the tournament's top seeded player and almost certainly ensured himself a qualifying spot.
In the finals, Gene was able to oust Matt Morgan and withstand the assaults of the other finalists to give himself the win.

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