Sunday, September 23, 2007

Picture on a Card

Larry does portraits of a lot of the players and they will probably make their way onto vampire cards in future sets. Larry sold a lot of original art and signed a lot of cards.

Larry and his friend whose name I forget (I just called him "Insurance Scam" since he posed for that one) hung out and had a good time with everybody. As most of you are aware, Larry uses portraits as a base for a lot of his art. In addition to the NAC finalists, Larry took pics of a number of other players and we're likely to see a number of them on future cards.

Mark Loughman looked like he'll need almost no Photoshop work to be ready for a card. Robert Scythe will need even less. Robert S. was hobbled by a cane playing basketball just before the start of the NAC and Larry took his portrait with Robert holding his cane and a drink from the bar. Robert with a drink. Imagine that. Who would've thought?

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