Friday, September 21, 2007

Mini Qualifier Winner

The Lasombra ousted Chris Shorb's Ventrue deck featuring Arika with only 15 minutes remaining to capture the win and earn himself a full box of Lords of the Night booster cards. Chris had already ousted Mike Courtois when Jeff's onslaught of Scouting Mission bleeds did in his last 8 pool. All players were very low on pool and a great number of Deflection and Redirection were being played all over the table.

Soon after Chris' ouster, Ian Lee lunged at Hugh Angseesing and was able to oust him. Jeff Thompson, who entered the finals as the top seed, held on to just a few seconds short of the win but Ian eeked it out with only 9 seconds remaining on the clock.

Congrats to Ian on the win and for who grabbing the last qualifying spot of the Week of Nightmares.

Friday begins Championship Weekend and the Last Chance Qualifier--usually the largest tournament in North America each year.

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